Local Waterfront Revitalization Program 

To view additional information, please visit the Village Waterfront Area Planning Analysis and Zoning Amendments Page:  https://sagharborny.gov/218/Waterfront-Planning-and-Zoning

Sag Harbor Waterfront Overlay Zoning Code Project

The Waterfront Zoning Project is now available in DRAFT form here. 

 Please click the link: Sag Harbor Waterfront Overlay District Code

MS4 Draft 2021 Stormwater Management Program Annual Report 

The Draft of the Village  2021 Stormwater Management Program Annual Report is now available for public review on the Village’s website (www.sagharborny.gov) and at the Village Hall. The Village Stormwater Management Program Plan Documents are also available for public review at the Village Hall. Comments and questions on the Village Stormwater Management Program can be submitted to (631)725-0222.